Dailies Player

The dailies player contains tools to review the daily as well as markup individual frames and save them within NIM, export as a PDF, and send through email notifications. Use the player tools to scrub the video to the frame to markup. User the whiteboarding tools to write directly on the image and click the save button to save the frame as a new dailies note.


Player Controls

The player controls allow basic playback control including looping and full-screen playback.

  • nim_dailies_player_play Play
  • nim_dailies_player_loop Loop
  • nim_dailies_player_fullscreen Full Screen Playback
  • nim_dailies_player_vol Volume Control
  • nim_dailies_player_scrub Playback Timeline

Whiteboarding Tools

The whiteboarding tools at the right of the dailies toolbar contains options to write directly on the video frames.

The first three items in the list expand to reveal additional options when you click on them.

Click on the tool option you wish to use and the list will retract displaying the selected option in the toolbar.

The tools listed from left to right are:

  • Writing Tools - various tools to markup the video frame
  • Line Weight - defines the line weight of the writing tool
  • Line Color - defines the line color of the writing tool
  • Save - saves the current frame as a dailies note
  • Undo - undoes writing tool actions
  • Clear - clears all markup on the current frame
  • PDF - exports a PDF of all dailies notes

Writing Tools

NIM has several writing tools that let you draw directly on the video.

The tools listed from the top down are:

  • Pencil
  • Arrow
  • Ellipse
  • Text
  • Eraser

Line Weight

This menu lets you choose the line weight to use when drawing on the video.


Line Color

This menu lets you choose the line color to user when drawing on the video.


Saving Notes

After marking up a frame click the nim_dailies_toolbar_save button to create a new dailies note.

This will add a new dailies note to the list of notes.



As dailies notes are created, the user assigned to the task that contains the daily will be notified with an email if the users NOTIFY EMAIL setting is flagged as YES.


PDF Export

To export a full list of dailies notes as a PDF click the nim_dailies_toolbar_pdf button.

Example PDF output: