Task Creation

There are three methods for creating a new task.

  • Single Task Creation
  • Drag and Drop
  • Workflows

Single Task

Tasks can be created on assets and shots by clicking on the nim_shot_toolbar_tasks button in their respective toolbar. This will add a new task on the asset or shot as well as load the Task Details panel.


Drag and Drop

Alternatively, NIM has a drag and drop workflow for task creation, assignment, and status updates. Click the nim_add_task_drag in the Asset Grid or Sequence toolbar. This will load the Task Assignment panel.


To add a new task from the Task Assignment panel, click and hold on the task’s drag handle.


Drag the task to the desired asset or shot. The row that will be assigned the task will be highlighted.


Release the task’s drag handle and a new task will appear on the asset or shot.



Workflows are groups of tasks that are defined and customized per user. Workflows contain a group tasks that can additionally be pre-assigned to users, and seeded with statuses. This allows you to assign multiple tasks to an asset or shot at once. Additionally within the Workflow Assignment panel you can assign a workflow to multiple assets or shots at once.


To assign a Workflow, select the Workflow tab in the Task Assignment panel. Workflows are assigned to assets and shots using the Drag and Drop assignment method. Click and hold on the Workflows’s drag handle, and drop on the desired asset or shot.

This feature is explained more closely in the Task Workflows section of the documentation.