NIM’s comprehensive feature set provides intelligent insight to sharpen your focus with bidding, scheduling, timecards, and actualization through version management, task tracking, and creative review.

Simply put, NIM presents a better understanding of your business.

In contrast to cloud solutions, NIM runs as a locally installed virtual machine,
keeping all data on your local network and secure behind your firewall.



A home base for every artist, the dashboard provides immediate access to all user assigned jobs, tasks, and notes.


User defined bookmarks so you only see the jobs that are relevant.

My Tasks

All tasks assigned to the user are available on the dashboard with filtering by the current status.


My Notes

Access all notes sent to you including whiteboard images without digging into the job.


Job Details

All job information is stored directly on the projects homepage with inline editing for all elements.

Task Scheduling

Gantt chart style scheduling lets your artists clearly see the start and end date for assigned tasks.

Studio Task View

Studio wide Task view for the ultimate birds-eye view of all tasks across all jobs and all artists at a single glance.


Log project archives with unique ID keys for quick job restoration. Add multiple jobs per backup media for maximum density.

Resource Scheduling

Schedule resources and artists based on keywords and jobs. Define custom statuses and color coded events to optimize your time management.

Color Coded Tasks

Task status is quickly recognizable by a studio defined color coding system.

Drag & Drop Assignment

Adding tasks to assets and shots, artist assignment to tasks, and task status updates are all quickly and instantly updating using the task drag and drop menus.

Media Logging

Monitor all media coming in and out of the studio with date stamped tracking logs.


Studio Defined Project Structures

NIM manages your entire project including the folder structure on your server using templates that you define.


Multiple Templates

Multiple project structure templates can be created to accommodate the needs of different jobs.


Variable Project Structures

Variable Based Project Structures allows for your project folders to be defined by the items within them rather than static folder structures.

Multi-location Server Aware

Attach multiple servers to a job and assigned project structure is replicated across all systems.


Managed or Unmanaged

NIM can be used with or without the benefit of managed project structures, keeping the system flexible to fit into all environments.


Whiteboard Tools

Visually share feedback with artists using on video drawing and text tools.  All whiteboard drawings are saved per frame and reviewable at any time.

Upload Dailies & Edits

Both edits and individual dailies can be uploaded for review using drag and drop direct from your desktop.

Automatic Dailies Creation

Using our connectors for Thinkbox’s Deadline Render Management, NIM support automatic uploading of Deadline Draft renders direct to the users task.

PDF Note Export

Dailies PDF export lets you generate a document compiling all notes for a particular edit or task dailies for sharing with artists or clients.



Create bids from studio defined line items and custom bid templates.  Quickly version bids to keep track of changes throughout the bidding process.  Multiple bids can be awarded to accommodate multiple phases of a job and client overages.  Export PDFs to present directly to the client.


Chart the progression of a project by artists time with per user OT and DT. Artists can be categorized by location to quickly see the division of labor amongst multiple studios.


Timecard Approvals

The new Timecard Approval process provides a robust 4-stage approval process for easy timecard management.


Calculate job actuals from the awarded bid against artist timecards, project expenses, and client overages. Determine estimated hard costs and track money spent on OT and DT throughout the course of the project and compare your initial bid estimate against the final result.


Project the financial outcome of your project on a daily, weekly, or full job basis. Enter in estimated time per artist and expenses to compare and contrast against the original bid and running actuals.


File Management

File naming conventions are automatically handled when saved from content applications supporting NIM’s connectors.


Automatic publishing of files directly from 3rd party software or within NIM. The use of symbolic linking and file replication are available depending on server OS.

Asset Masters

Asset Masters provide version-less asset entities to streamline referencing systems.


3rd Party Integration

NIM connectors plug directly into your favorite content creation software allowing you to select files by task and version rather than name.



Maya®, 3dsMax®, Flame®



Photoshop® & AfterEffects®


The Foundry

NukeStudio®, Nuke®, & Hiero®





Side Effects



Thinkbox Software

Deadline Render Management


Virtual Appliance

By distributing NIM as a virtual appliance, we ensure that your server is fully configured and working from day one.


Plug & Play

Getting up and running with NIM is as easy as hitting start on your virtual server.

API Keys

API Keys for per user security group defined API access.

Email Notification

Email notification keeps you up to date with all of your latest feedback.


A robust Python and Web API allows you to connect any way you want. Build NIM access directly into your existing toolset and incorporate it’s strength throughout the studio.


Studio Defined Permissions

Users are assigned a permission group defined by studio.

Private Jobs

Private jobs mean that only those users studio wide that are assigned to the project can see any the project information.

Security Groups

Enhanced Security Groups provide object-based security access to jobs, assets, shots, and custom fields.


Action Based Security

Granular permission items allow for specific abilities to be granted on a per action level.


Local Server

NIM lives as a virtual appliance on your local network so all information is safely guarded behind your firewall and never leaves the facility.


Secure connectivity for all communications.

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