NIM Videos

We are constantly updating NIM. We strive for the videos to be as current as possible but we may sneak in a new feature that hasn’t landed in the videos yet. In that case just reach out on the NIM Support Forum or send an email over to and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Installing the NIM VM
This video is a walkthrough of installing a new NIM VM including Oracle VirtualBox installation, configuring the NIM VM network, and licensing.

Setting the NIM Media Path
This video demonstrates how to set the NIM Media Path to an external location using Virtualbox Shared Folders.

NIM Project Servers
This video demonstrates how to use Shared Folders within VirtualBox to define NIM Project Servers.

NIM Updates
This video demonstrates how to update the NIM VM.


Creating A Job
This video describes the process of creating a new job in NIM.

Bringing A Job Online
This video walks you through job configuration and using NIM Project Structures to bring a job online.


Assets & Shots
This video demonstrates creating and editing assets and shots in NIM.

Task Assignment & Scheduling
This video walks through adding tasks and workflows, setting assignments, status, and scheduling.

Dailies & Renders
This video looks at the white boarding tools available in NIM Dailies review and the logging of renders to NIM.

The video demonstrates the use of the scheduler and creating events for resources and users.


NukeStudio Connector
This video covers the range of features available in the NIM NukeStudio Connector including exporting shots to NIM, transcoding elements, building tracking from NIM elements, and round-tripping versions with Nuke comps.

Nuke Connector
This video covers the features available in the NIM Nuke Connectors, using the NIM menu, using NIM Write nodes, and direct uploading of dailies using Deadline Render Management.

Maya Connector
This videos takes an in-depth look at the unique features of the NIM Maya Connector and using NIM published files and Asset Masters with Maya file referencing.

Photoshop Connector
In this video we look at the unique options available in the NIM Photoshop Connector.

Flame Connector
This videos walks through the features of the NIM Flame Connector including publishing sequences to NIM, exporting edits and dailies, and updating OpenClip versions.


Bidding A Job
This video walks you through creating, versioning, copying, and creating a bid PDF in NIM.

Bid Features in NIM 2.0
This video explores the new features for bidding in NIM 2.0.

Job Expenses
This video is an overview of entering and editing job expenses in NIM.

Job Actuals
This video walks a user through NIM Job Actuals, demonstrating how to create a Job Projection as well as reconcile the Job Actualization.

Job Timecards
This video demonstrates the administration of job timecards from a producer’s perspective in NIM.

Crews & Rates
This video demonstrates adding crew to a job and setting their rates and rate types in NIM.