Bid Creation

There are 4 options for starting and working with bids including:

  • Creating a blank bid

  • Versioning a bid

  • Importing a bid from another job

  • Copying a version to a new bid

Creating a Bid

To create a new bid for a job, goto the Job Menu, and click on the Production drop down and select Bids.

Since no bids currently exist, the list will be empty and the option to create new bid or import a bid is available.

Click on the nim_add_button_blue button at the top right of the bid list to create a new bid.


A new bid is created in the bid list and the version is automatically selected.


Bid Versions

Each bid in the bid list is comprised of a set of versions. When an item in the bid list is selected, the bid versions are loaded and the latest bid version is automatically selected.

The concept behind bid versions is to make modifications and variations to the same bid and track the changes. For example, if you would like to compare the difference between rates or discounts, simply version up by clicking the nim_add_button button at the top right of the version list. This will save your current bid and add a new version. The new bid version can now be edited and saved while maintaining the information in the original version.

_images/nim5_bid_list.png _images/nim5_bid_versions.png

Importing a Bid

If you wish to start from an existing bid in another job, you can import a bid.

To import a bid, click the nim_button_import button at the top right of the bid list.


A dropdown will appear to select the job to import the bid from.


After selecting the job a list of available bids will appear. Select the bid to display a list of bid versions.


When a version is selected a preview of the bid to import will appear.


Select Yes to import the bid. Select No to cancel the import.

When a bid is imported, it is loaded as a new bid with a new version in the current job.


If the imported bid was flagged as awarded, it will be imported as un-awarded so the newly imported bid will not affect any running actuals.

Copying a Bid


A bid version may be copied to create a new item in the bid list with the copy as version 1.

To do this, click the copy button nim_button_copy at the top right of the bid dashboard.

This creates a new bid in the bid list with all of the information from the currently selected bid version. Copying the bid makes an entirely new set of version versions that you can begin modifying while keeping your original bid intact.

To see the original bid version, select the bid from the bid list. At the right of the bid dashboard you will see the list of bid versions for that bid and the most recent bid will be selected.

Copying a bid is desirable when you are asked to change the bid deliverables between bid versions. By copying a bid, you can maintain the original bid specs and track the two different bid requests independently.