NIM for Studio Producers


NIM will give you total oversight over your budget, your artists’ time, your project process – and even your finances. Don’t bury yourself in spreadsheets– let NIM do the thinking for you.

Understand your project


NIM’s job tracking and project structures functionality mean you won’t ever miss a beat – from broad oversight to the smallest details, you can track, collaborate and communicate via NIM, ensuring you meet client deadlines and better understand how your studio operates.

Get to know your artists


NIM is designed to give you instant, easy access to your artists. You can assign tasks, schedule via Gantt chart functionality, and use quick-and-simple time card functionality to know exactly who is working on what and when. NIM gives you instant artists that will bring you closer to your artists than ever.

Follow ever dollar

NIM is the only project management solution to give you in-depth insight into the financial side of your job. From bidding to job expenses and actuals, using NIM means staying abreast on exactly how much you’ve spent on a project. It also means better business intelligence – analytical financial insight means streamlined processes in future.

Producers love having everything in one place – using previous systems prevented us from having one localized location where we could access all details, from bids to schedules, actualizes, and timesheets. Things could spin out of control, but NIM prevents that from happening.
Cuyler Mitchell

Studio Producer, Taylor James