As a systems administrator, you need a centralized solution that can streamline your technology infrastructure, simplify integrations, and provide you with granular control over your users. NIM’s on-prem solution, Active Directory integration, permission and security groups, API and event hooks offer you the tools you need to optimize your studio’s workflows and ensure your team stays productive and focused on creative output.

Centralized solutions.

NIM is provided as a on-premise solution running on your infrastructure, on your network, and behind your firewall. Maintain full control of your data, files, and media at all times.

NIM has moved us ten years ahead of where we would have been if we had continued working on the in-house tools.

Ludovick “Ludo” Michaud
VFX Creative Director/VP – Corgan MediaLab

Infrastructure & Security


NIM is a powerful studio management solution that is downloaded as a virtual machine, supported in VirtualBox and VMware. This means that NIM lives on your network and behind your firewall, ensuring that all of your data is fully protected. Although NIM is not a cloud-based product, your users still interact with it via a browser, making it easy to access your projects from anywhere.

Active Directory

With NIM’s integration with Active Directory, you can easily manage your NIM user accounts, enabled users, as well as permission and security group assignments across your entire studio.

Permissions & Security

NIM’s permission groups allow you to define what actions a user has access to, including which sections they can view and edit. And with NIM’s security groups, you can apply security settings to objects in NIM, including jobs, assets, shots, links, and custom fields, ensuring that only users who are part of that security group can access that object’s information.

API & Event Hooks

NIM’s HTTP and Python API and event hooks make it easy to extend and customize the platform to meet your specific production needs. And with the NIM Connectors available in a GitHub repository, you can easily customize and extend them to incorporate studio specific features or integrate with your preferred applications.

People love NIM because they don’t have to think about where things go on the file system, what’s the file structure, what folder should they create… it’s all there and easily accessible.

Lindsey Sprague
Technical Supervisor – Mousetrappe

Media Management

File Servers

All of your project files remain on your servers. Mount your file servers directly to NIM to manage folder structures across multiple servers and locations. NIM supports standard NFS/CIFS connectivity out of the box for direct integration with your existing file systems.

Secure Media

Items uploaded to NIM for review remain on your servers and on your network. Set the NIM media path to route all uploaded files to a specified location that you define and control.

NIM’s a no-brainer for smaller and larger studios alike. It can scale to fit a variety of project needs and scopes, offer business insight you’d otherwise miss out on, and quite simply get stuff done, whether you’re one man in a warehouse or a multi-national creative network.

Cuyler Mitchell
Producer – Taylor James

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