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Frequently Asked Questions
Is NIM a cloud based product?
No, NIM is delivered as a virtual appliance which means NIM and all of the data contained in NIM lives on your network behind your firewall.
Does the NIM VM need internet access?
Internet access by the NIM VM is determined by licensing. Yearly licensing is issued through a locally installed license file and no internet access is required. Monthly licensing requires that licenses are checked out from the NIM Client Portal.
Does each client need internet access to use monthly licensing?
No, only the NIM VM needs access to the NIM Client Portal to use monthly licensing.
Does NIM do scheduling?
Yes, NIM has a built in mechanisms to do studio wide resource and user scheduling, as well as job-centric task scheduling.
Can NIM be configured to use currency other than dollars?
Yes, NIM can be configured to use other currencies in the Administrative Settings.
Can I create custom data entries?
Yes, jobs, timecards, assets, shots, and tasks all have custom data entries, including single-line text, multi-line text, dropdown, dates, and hyperlinks that can be defined in their Administration sections.
Can I organize my bids by shot rather than bid item category?
Yes, using the Group Items By Number feature you can organize your bids by shot and see per shot totals.
Is NIM multi-currency aware?
Yes, you can define a studio wide currency, as well as a currency per job, bid, crew member, expense, and invoice.
Does NIM create invoices for me?
Not at this time. Our invoices section currently tracks invoice status to provide a line of communication between producers and accounting that can be quickly lost in production.
Do we need any special software to review dailies inside NIM?
As long as you are using a supported HTML5 compatible browser you will be able to review dailies, create whiteboard notes, and export whiteboard note PDFs.

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