As a member of the finance or executive management team, you need a software solution that can help you gain deep business intelligence about your studio’s financials, production performance, and team productivity.

NIM is the complete studio management solution that can help you do just that.

Deep business intelligence.

NIM provides a bird’s eye view of your studio’s financials, from bids and expenses to labor costs and invoices. Gain real-time insights into your project budgets and financial performance.

NIM helped us break down the physical and organizational barriers that were preventing flexibility. Now, we can easily utilize our entire network,
bringing together the best talent for each project.

Quang Tran
Head of nhb Berlin – nhb

Studio Performance

Studio Actualizations

With NIM, you can track your studio’s performance across all projects in real-time. Get up-to-the-minute insights into how your studio is performing with easy-to-read dashboards and charts.

Job Margins

NIM makes it easy to track the financial performance of each job. Monitor job costs and revenue, and compare estimated margins to actuals, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Client Margins

With NIM, you can track the profitability of each client. Easily view a history of bids and jobs for each client, along with associated costs and revenue, to understand which clients are the most profitable for your studio.

Profit Centers

NIM offers a powerful tool to help you understand which departments or areas of your studio are the most profitable, regardless of how individual jobs perform. This enables you to optimize your resources and prioritize investments to maximize profitability.

We built NIM to track every aspect of production from the notes on a task to the profit margin of your studio. We want to know not just what we were doing but how well we were doing it. The work is who we are, and we need know that not only are we putting out our best creative, are we doing it efficiently and maintaining a profitable studio.

Financial Reporting

Invoice Tracking

With NIM, you can easily track the status of all your invoices, helping you stay on top of cash flow and ensure timely payments. Track outstanding invoices and view payment histories directly from NIM.

Billing Status

Keep track of project billing status in real-time, with NIM’s comprehensive billing management tools. Know exactly what’s been billed and what’s outstanding, to help you stay on top of cash flow and manage your studio’s financial health.

Payroll Calculations

With NIM, you can easily calculate your crew member’s rates and stay within your budget. Customize rules and manage crew member’s rates with ease, using NIM’s powerful payroll calculation system.

NIM brings globalized studios together with multi-location and multi-currency awareness. Studios that span countries can now efficiently work together across great distances with an open line of communication and transparent insight. Artists, producers, and studio heads all have immediate access to the pulse of the studio from task status, burn rate, and efficiency to studio expenditures and profit margins.

Global Collaboration

Multi-Currency Support

NIM makes it easy to manage projects in different currencies, with built-in multi-currency support. Easily track costs and revenue in multiple currencies, and generate bids in the currency of your choice.

Multi-Location Support

If your studio has multiple locations, NIM can handle that as well. Manage all your studio locations and projects from a single platform, and track performance across all locations.

NIM is a tool that helps manage the entire studio in one package. Most products fix one problem in the production pipeline… NIM fixes many problems.

Ludovick “Ludo” Michaud
VFX Creative Director/VP – Corgan MediaLab

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