As a creative, you need a management solution that can help you organize your projects and assets efficiently, collaborate with other team members seamlessly, and stay focused on your creative work.

NIM is the complete studio management solution that can help you do just that.

Information at your fingertips.

The NIM dashboard provides direct access to all your assigned jobs, as well as tasks, review items, and notes across all projects. Work directly from the dashboard, or dive deeper into a job for complete oversight of the project.

NIM has helped our team do more, with less. With NIM, we’re able to increase our efficiency and deliver quality work, even against ever-tightening deadlines.

Kingsley Harden
CGI Art Director – Ayzenberg

Creative Management

Creative Review

Focus your team feedback with creative review tools and white boarding features to openly share ideas, comments, and feedback on your work. Markup frames directly on video, images, and PDFs to pinpoint your comments. 

Asset & Shot Tracking

Easily manage your assets and shots, track their progress, and collaborate with team members in real-time. Add custom fields to maintain the data that is relevant to your studio and share notes between team members on jobs, assets, shots, tasks, and review items. 

Task Assignment

Drag and drop tasks, assignments, and statuses to build out your job’s needs. Quickly allocate tasks using workflows to add groups of tasks at once with pre-assigned users and statuses to one or multiple objects at a time.

Task Timeline

NIM’s task timeline lets you see your task priorities and deadlines at a glance. Visualize project progress with throughput and burn rate charts. Highlight user tasks to update deadlines in context.

From asset tracking to creative review, NIM’s toolset put you in control of your studio workflow. With NIM, you’ll have the power to bring your creative vision to life, while managing your projects with ease.

File Version & Tracking

File Tracking & Version Managment

Log and track files and element versions, so you always know where to find the latest iteration of your work. Publish files with a versionless link to the current published file to always keep your assets up to date.

Project Structures

NIM’s project structure templates and project folder management features allow you to manage your project files and folders easily, without worrying about the details of file organization.

Media & Archives

Media and archive logging allows to easily track your physical items with unique IDs and historical tracking data so your hard drives never gets lost and your archives are easily found.

NIM by design is an all-in-one solution for studios of any size. Directly in touch with users creating the work, NIM is integrated into leading DCC applications to create a seamless workflow through the use of NIM Connectors. In addition to this out of the box integration, NIM is natively supported in AWS Thinkbox Deadline Render Management and Cospective CineSync for turnkey production solutions.

API & Integrations

DCC Integrations

NIM’s integration with industry-leading DCC applications like Maya, Houdini, 3dsMax, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Flame, Nuke, and NukeStudio means that you can work seamlessly within your preferred software, while still being able to manage your projects efficiently. Focus on the creative, and leave the organization to us.

API & Event Hooks

Connect the way that makes the most sense to your studio via NIM’s robust Python and Web API and Event Hooks. Create custom solutions or access NIM directly from your existing toolset, incorporating its strength into your studio pipeline.

If you don’t have some kind of tracking software, you’re leaving money on the table by allowing poor communication, lost files and inconsistent workflows. With NIM, everything is kept in line.

Steffen Reichstadt
VFX Supervisor – Aaron Sims Creative

Experience the benefits of having a complete studio management solution at your fingertips.

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