As a producer, you need a software solution that can help you streamline production planning, project management, and financial analysis, and keep you on top of your projects’ progress.

NIM is the complete studio management solution that can help you do just that.

Manage with confidence.

NIM allows you to easily schedule your resources, track your projects, manage your bids, crew, and expenses, as well as visualize your margins to ensure a profitable result.

NIM has provided Digital Domain a simple and intuitive platform that enables us to quickly and effectively provide comprehensive bids for our clients. The architecture and ease of use is fantastic, and we are thrilled with the support team’s ability to accommodate our needs.

Peter Nelson
Senior Producer – Digital Domain

Production Management


NIM’s scheduling feature makes it easy to manage resources and team members. You can view schedules by day, week, or month, up to one year. Create recurring events and filter by keywords and groups to speed through scheduling needs.


NIM’s extensive timecard system allows you to easily manage and approve timecards for your team members. You can quickly enter timecards for your tasks and manage timecards in bulk with visualization tools to determine who is and isn’t completing their timecards. The timecard system also includes a 5-stage approval process to ensure accuracy.


NIM’s calendar system allows you to create and export calendars for clients to flag key dates for jobs such as postings and milestones. Create multiple calendars for the studio and for jobs to easily manage and organize your events.

Task Timelines

NIM’s task timeline system provides a comprehensive view of all tasks for a specific job or throughout the studio. The Task Timeline includes a Throughput chart and Burn Rate chart, providing visual indicators of job progress and how well the studio is performing against estimated time.

NIM redefines project management with the holistic view of studio management. From bidding and scheduling through timecards and job actualization, NIM maintains the full financial profile of your projects and your studio. This is done in conjunction with shot management, daily task assignments, file tracking, and creative review in a single unified environment. NIM visualizes your information to tell the story of your studio in real time.

Bids and Actuals


NIM’s bidding feature enables you to quickly generate bids for clients and track the status of bids. You can also easily manage and update bid information, as well as view and track bid margins. Export your bids to PDF, Excel, or the AICP ABID platform to share with clients and team members.


NIM’s expense system allows you to easily track and manage expenses related to your projects. You can log expenses on a job, and view expense reports by project or across the entire studio.

Job Actualization

NIM’s job actualization feature allows you to track the actual cost of a job against the estimated cost, giving you valuable insight into your project’s profitability. You can also create projections and determine the per asset or shot cost, as well as total crew member cost for the project.

Production timelines continue to tighten and studios need to be as flexible as possible.
NIM facilitates a more efficient production process, allowing studios to keep a careful eye on resource management. With an increasing number of change orders and a growing expectation of quality, finding a way to see if the internal numbers are pointing towards a steady path of growth or a necessary change has become even more important.

Contacts & Notifications

Contact Management

NIM’s contact management system allows you to easily manage your client and vendor contacts. You can view contact notes, job history, and bid history, as well as per-contact margins to show your most profitable clients.

Email Notifications

NIM’s email notifications keeps you informed of important events and updates in the studio. You can receive notifications for task assignments, timecards, bid status changes, and more.

NIM’s simple and clean interface, responsiveness and fully integrated approach has allowed us to bring our radical vision to life in the most effective way possible, helping us spend more time on the pixels and less on the logistics.

Jordi Barés
Founder – Rohtau

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