Expanded customization options and quality of life improvements

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 06, 2018 – NIM Labs, creator of studio management platform NIM, announces the availability of NIM 2.8. This update includes significant updates to the API, a scheduling UI refresh, studio-wide media browsing, streamlining for dailies formats, additional Excel exports for job actuals, as well as various improvements throughout the product.

Andrew Singara, CoFounder, NIM Labs, comments: “With NIM 2.8, in addition to some much-needed quality-of-life changes, we focused internally to lay the groundwork for new features to come in NIM 3.0 and beyond. We continue to listen closely to our customer base, ensuring NIM provides the necessary tools to streamline studio-wide operations more efficiently.”

NIM is a complete studio management solution, incubated in production and designed to effectively measure and visualize production studio workflows, from production planning to project management through financial analysis. It is the only solution of its kind to track financial information alongside project progress. This enables deep business intelligence for creative studios both large and small.

NIM 2.8 key features

  • Studio-wide media browsingNIM 2.8 now displays all studio media items logged across all jobs, enabling faster, deeper insight into ongoing work. Media can be grouped by any column header to organize by job number, type, owner and more.
  • Scheduling RefreshThe scheduler UI has been updated to simplify visualizing many events at once. A zoom function has also been added that allows users to widen out to get the big picture, or focus on the items of interest.
  • Timecard FilteringNew filters have been added to allow users to sort through large numbers of users when viewing timecards in the day view. NIM now provides multiple options to view the items you need to see.
  • Expanded APINIM 2.8’s API comes with a variety of additions and enhancements that enable deeper, more focused customization of the NIM platform. Studios can use it to further define how NIM works, tailoring it to the bespoke needs of their studio.
  • New Job Actuals ExportsNIM 2.8 provides users with additional Excel export options for Job Actuals. Actualization and Tasks tabs can now be exported as Excel documents with separate sheets for each table. Shot actualization is now grouped by the show, along with the show totals, to provide in depth reporting and insight.
  • Dailies Format OptionsNIM 2.8 makes Dailies more streamlined by expanding the resolution and format options. The max width and height for dailies can be defined using NIM’s administrative tools. Uploaded movies in the mp4/h264 format and are below the max width and height will not be re-encoded saving time and server processing power.
  • Other improvements and fixes – NIM 2.8 comes with a host of other updates including new events hooks, custom fields on files, job field updates for better clarity, and enhanced Chinese character support.

NIM 2.8 infrastructure updates

  • The NIM database has been updated for improved Chinese character support

NIM 2.8 is available now. Current NIM customers can upgrade to NIM 2.8 for free.