NIM provides scheduling calendars for studio scheduling of resources and users.

Click on Studio / Schedule from the Main Menu.

Schedule Navigation

Navigation in the schedule view is done through the tools at the top left of the schedule.


Click the Today button to immediately jump to today’s date.

The left and right arrows move forward and back in time for the given view.

Mini Calendar

Clicking the Date at the right of the toolbar opens a mini calendar to quickly navigate to any day.

Inside the mini calendar, click the title bar to adjust the zoom level of the date range to select.
  • Clicking on March 2015 will zoom out the mini calendar to show a list of months.
  • Clicking on 2015 when viewing months will zoom out to show a list of years.

Drag and Drop

Events on a schedule can be moved using drag and drop.

Click and hold on the center of an event to drag the entire event to a new date.

Click and hold on the left or right edge of the event to extend the start or end of the event.

Schedule Views

The calendar can be viewed by Day, Week, or Month depending on the selected view type.

To change the calendar view click on the corresponding view type at the top right of the calendar.

Month View


Week View


Day View



Click on the Resource tab in the Schedule view to create Resource events.


Adding Events

To add a Resource Event double click on the desired day in the Day, Week, or Month view.

A dialog box will appear to enter event information.

Fields include:
  • Title - the title of the event, displayed on the event in conjunction with Resource, Task, & Location
  • Start - the start date of the event
    If All Day Event is NOT checked, time selection is enabled
  • End - the end date of the event
    If All Day Event is NOT checked, time selection is enabled
  • All Day Event - denotes the event is an all day event
    Selected by default When deselected start and end times are enabled When deselected Timezone options are enabled
  • Repeat - options to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    Selecting one of these options will open additional settings to define the event repeat rules
  • Description - A brief description of the event
  • Status - Custom status fields defined in the Admin menu
  • Resource - the assigned resource to the event ( optional )
    displayed as part of the title
  • Location - the assigned location to the event (optional )
    displayed as part of the title
  • Job - select a job from the job list to associate with the event
    Type the job name or number to filter the list
  • Attached User Events - select users to create linked User Schedule events
    Type the users name to filter the list Users listed here will have User Schedule Events created with a matching duration

Timezone Options

When the All Day Event checkbox is unselected the Timezone button is enabled.

Clicking the Timezone button opens the Timezones options dialog.


Repeat Rules

When a Repeat option is selected, additional fields are available to define the repeat rules.










Click on the Users tab in the Schedule view to create User events.


The User Schedule view works similarly to the Resource Schedule view.

Adding Events

To add a Resource Event double click on the desired day in the Day, Week, or Month view.

A dialog box will appear to enter event information.


Many of the input fields match the Resource Schedule Event.

Fields specific to User Events are:
  • Assignment - the user that the event is assigned to
    User events can only be assigned to a single user


There are multiple filtering options for Resource and User scheduling including:

  • Filter by Job
  • Filter by Location
  • Filter by Enabled Users ( Users Tab )
  • Filter by Keyword
  • Color Resources/Users ( Determines the field used to color the schedule events )

Resource and user keywords are assigned in the Administrative section of NIM. Refer to the Administration documentation for more information on adding keywords to resources and users.

To filter by keyword, click in the keyword search field.

A dropdown list appears allowing the user to select multiple keywords to filter the list.



The schedule has multiple zoom levels to focus in on the detail you are interested in or to widen out to get the bigger picture.

Move the zoom slider to the left to widen out the view, or move it to the right to zoom in.


Context Menu

Right clicking on an event in the schedule will bring up a context menu with the following options:

  • Edit - Opens the event editor
  • Copy - Copies the existing event in place
  • Delete - Deletes the event
  • Load Job - Opens the job overview page for the job associated with the event. If not job is associated this option will not appear.

Quick View

Hovering the cursor over an event will bring up the quick view tooltip. This provides quick access to information about each event without the need to open the event editor. Only event fields that have been set will appear in the quick view.