Bid Overview

NIM creates a structure within each job to manage the bidding process. Users can create multiple bids and versions of bids with customized bid line items and expenses to fit the needs of any production. Awarded bids are used to calculate financial information regarding job cost, profit, and margin in job and company wide actualizations.


Bids have 4 key areas:

  • Bid List - This is the list of bids, with each bid having its own set of versions.

  • Bid Versions - When an item from the bid list is selected, the list of bid versions will appear here.

  • Bid Dashboard - Displays the bid overview as well as fields to add pertinent bid information.

  • Bid Estimate - This section consists of a series of tabs to edit the version specific information on a bid.


Bid Dashboard


In the bid dashboard we see an overview of the current bid’s:

  • Total - calculated as the sum total of all bid line items factored against the overall discount.

  • Cost - calculated as the sum total of all bid line items hardcost.

  • Profit - calculated as the difference between the Estimated Total and the Estimated Cost.

  • Margin - calculated as a percentage from Estimated Profit / Estimated Total.

Hide Dashboard

To hide the dashboard click on the arrow button at the top right of the Bid Dashboard.

Click the button again to reveal the dashboard.

The dashboard visibility setting will be remembered between NIM logins.


The buttons at the top right of the bid include options for the following:

  • Save - Saves the changes to the current bid version.

  • Copy - Creates a copy of the bid version as version 1 of a new bid list item.

  • Cancel - Cancels any unsaved changes and reverts the bid back to the last saved version.

  • Export to Excel - Exports the current bid version to an Excel document.

  • Export to PDF - Exports the current bid version to a PDF document.


Bid Details

The section below these numbers allow the user to define information about the bid.


There are fields available to enter a general description of the bid as well as the client information. The center stack of drop downs provide options to select:

  • Description - A short description of the bid. This will be displayed in the bid list on the left.

  • Client - Information about the client that the bid will be sent to.

  • Producer - From the list of producers added to the crew.

  • Phone - Contact numbers from the list of locations. Defaults to the location setting of the user that created the bid.

  • Bid Date - The date associated with this bid. By default, this is the date the bid was created.

  • Bid Type - This dropdown lists the available bid types defined in Admin/Bidding - Bid Types. The default options are:

    • Fixed

    • Ballpark

    • Cost Plus

  • Currency - The currency of the bid. By default, the currency of the job is used.

  • Status - Flags the selected bid version as Not Submitted, Submitted, or Awarded. There can be only one submitted or awarded bid per set of bid versions, but you may have multiple submitted or awarded bids per job.

  • Award Date - The date the bid was awarded.
    • This field can only be set once the bid has been awarded.

  • PO # - An input field to enter a purchase order number for the bid.
    • This field can only be set once the bid has been awarded.

Bid Versions

To the right of the Bid Dashboard we see the Bid Versions list.


Clicking on the nim_add_button button at the right of the version list will create a new version. This will save any current changes to the currently selected bid and make a new version incrementing the version number.

Bids have internal numbers that are structured as:

job number _ bid number _ bid version

The new bid version will contain all of the previous version’s information allowing you to make changes and save a version without changing your original bid.

To select a previous version simply click on the desired version from the list and that version’s information will be loaded into the bid sheet.

To delete a version, click on the X at the right of the bid version you wish to remove. You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the bid.

Bid Status

Bid list items and versions are color coded to denote the status of the bid.

Status options include:

  • Not Submitted - No Color

  • Submitted - Orange

  • Awarded - Green

  • Not Awarded - Gray

The status of a bid is indicated in the bid list to indicate that the set of bid versions includes a bid with the corresponding status.



There can be only one submitted or awarded bid per set of bid versions, but you may have multiple submitted or awarded bids per job.

Bid Estimate

The tabs on the lower section of a bid allow users to edit the following:

  • Estimate - The list of line items to be included in the bid.

  • Comments - A workspace to add an overall note or comment for the bid.

  • Statement - A workspace to add a statement of work for the bid.

  • Assumptions - A workspace to add general assumptions to the bid.

  • Terms - The terms and conditions of the bid, selectable from a dropdown as well as editable in place.

  • Export - Settings to determine what aspects of a bid are exported to PDF, Excel, or an ABID template.


Default values for the above sections can be defined in the Admin > Bidding section of NIM.

Please refer to the Bidding section of the documentation for configuring bid defaults.