Bid Contacts

Contacts can be linked directly to bids using the Client Contacts section of the Bid Details. Bids that a contact is linked to will be used to determine the contact’s rate history. To find out more about contact rate history please refer to the Rate History section.


Add Bid Contact


To add a contact to a bid, go to the Bid Details panel and in the Client Contacts section, find the Select Contacts dropdown. Click on the Select Contacts dropdown to select the contact you wish to add to the bid. A list will appear of all available contacts. Clicking on the contact name in the dropdown list will add the contact to the the bid. Multiple contacts can be added to the bid by selecting additional contacts from the dropdown.

All job contacts and job contact details will automatically be added to the job’s bid contacts when a new bid is created. Adding a new contact to a bid will also add that contact to the job.


When adding contacts to a bid, all contacts that are linked to an existing contact will appear at the top of the contact dropdown menu for quick selection. For example, if you have a company contact named The Company and a contact named John Smith and you add The Company to the bid, John Smith will now appear as a selection at the top of the dropdown. This is because John Smith is linked to The Company. For more information on contact linking, see Linked Contacts.

Reorder Contacts


The order in which contacts appear in the UI will be the order they appear on an exported bid PDF. Contacts can be reordered by dragging and dropping each row within the UI. Hovering over a contact name will highlight a border around the contact row, indicating it can be dragged to a new position. To reorder the contacts, click and hold on the contact row and drag it to the desired position. Release the mouse button to drop the contact row in the new position.

Contact Details


You can add additional client details by typing in your own contact information in the supplied text field. Add any custom client information you require by typing directly in the text field. Save the bid by clicking the highlighted save icon in the bid toolbar to save your changes.


The information entered in the bid contact details is independent from the job contact details and can include bid specific information. Changed made to the bid contact details will not affect the job contact details, or contact details on other bids.

Remove Bid Contact

To remove a contact, click the X next to the contact’s name. You can also remove a contact by clicking the X in the dropdown selection. This will remove the contact from the bid.


Any contact added to a bid will be automatically added to the job. If you attempt to remove a contact from a bid, and this is the last bid the contact is linked to, you will receive a prompt asking if you also wish to remove the contact from the job when you save the bid. For more information on job contacts, see Job Contacts.