Publishing a version, flags the associated file as being published and triggers the creation of a versionless symbolic link in the project structure pointing to the published file. The link is named the basename of the version including the appropriate file extension.

For example:

Publishing the version DGN_001_LIGHT_v33.mb within the basename DGN_001_LIGHT will create a link named DGN_001_LIGHT.mb

Users working with the publishing system can reference published versions via the versionless link. This link will always be updated to the published version eliminated the need for users to manually update versions when a new one is available.


There can be only one published version per basename.

Asset Masters

Assets have an additional level of publishing referred to as the Asset Master. An Asset Master is a top level link for the asset that points to the selected published basename. The Asset Master file is simply named the name of the asset and the appropriate file extension.

Asset Masters are selected using a dropdrop at the top of the files panel and available when the files panel is accessed from an asset. When selecting a new item from the dropdown you will be prompted of confirm updating the asset master reference.


For example, below is a published asset chain using reference files in Maya:

  • An asset named CAR contains 2 basenames:

    • CAR_RIG


  • Each of these basenames has a published version.

    • The basename CAR_MODEL has a published version: CAR_MODEL_v05.mb

    • The basename CAR_RIG has a published version: CAR_RIG_v03.mb.

  • CAR_RIG_v03.mb references the published basename CAR_MODEL.mb

    • CAR_MODEL.mb -> CAR_RIG_v03.mb

  • Selecting the CAR_RIG basename as the Asset Master will create a link named CAR.mb that points to CAR_RIG.mb

    • CAR_RIG.mb -> CAR.mb

  • When referencing the Asset Master CAR, any updates to CAR_MODEL or CAR_RIG published versions will be reflected upstream.

    • CAR_MODEL.mb -> CAR_RIG.mb -> CAR.mb

The NIM project structure will be created as follows:

ASSET ROOT:          |-- <asset_name>
ASSET MASTER:        |-- CAR.mb
VERSION:                   |-- CAR_RIG_v03.mb
VERSION:                   |-- CAR_MODEL_v05.mb