New in NIM 5.3

NIM 5.3 brings highly requested new features, bug fixes, and an overall UI refresh with a continual focus on clarity, ease of access, and highly available information.


The schedule has received a number of changes to improve overall performance and interactivity.


View Range


The main new feature highlight of the NIM 5.3 update is the ability to adjust the schedule range from 1 Month up to 1 Year. The visible range is now selectable in the following increments:

  • 1 Month

  • 3 Months

  • 6 Months

  • 9 Months

  • 1 Year

Event Tooltips


The behavior of schedule event tooltips has changed. Previously, hovering over an event would instantly show the event tooltip. In NIM 5.3, the tooltip will be displayed when a user clicks on an event. This greatly improved performance when a large number of events were on the schedule. To edit the event, double click as normal.


Grid Styles

The UI received a minor refresh with a focus on clarity across various UI elements. The most notable changes are the updated style of status and on/off items in all grids and gantt charts as well as improved separation for grid grouping.


Grid Column Handles

Column resize handles have had a highlight added to make selecting the resize handle easier in all grids. Hovering the cursor between columns will highlight the drag handle. Click, hold and drag to resize the column.


Job Details

Job statuses and keywords are now displayed on dashboards jobs as well as the job overview.


And More…

In addition to these highlights, we have included a number of bug fixes to resolve various minor issues. Please refer to the NIM Release Notes available on the NIM Client Portal as well as the full documentation for detailed descriptions of the changes.