Timecard Overview

NIM tracks users time on jobs to assist in actualizing your project and creating an overview of work completed. Timecards are logged against jobs, tasks, and locations to provide a detailed breakdown of all hours. Timecards are generated per day and multiple timecards spanning multiple jobs can exist on a single day.

_images/nim5_timecards_user.png _images/nim5_timecards_user_timein.png

Timecards can be configured to track hours via a fixed number of hours entered or by a Time In / Time Out method.

Time types can be selected to allocate hours to different groups as well as determine if the time is billable or non-billable.

Timecards have a 4 stage approval process which updates the status of the timecard as being Not Approved, Submitted, Approved, and Disputed.


Timecards are actualized using two systems. If a user has their rate set to use NIM’s Payroll system, rates will be actualized based on the rule set defined for their Payroll Group. If a user is not using Payroll rules, then one of three rate types will apply: hourly, day, and fixed rates.

For more information on setting User Rates, please refer to the User Rates section of the documentation.

For more information on configuring Payroll Rules and Groups, please refer to the Payroll section of the documentation.