What is NIM¶

Born out of the hearts and minds of artists looking for a way to move past the organization of collaboration and truly just collaborate, NIM is a browser based management tool created by artists for artists to track the post-production pipeline from start to finish. Looking beyond project management to full studio management, NIM covers all facets of our business from billing, scheduling, timecards, and job actualization through shot tracking, task assignment, and dailies review NIM is customizable to meet the needs of any studio. We are extremely excited to share NIM with you in the hopes that it will expand the business of creation that we love.



NIM lets artists focus on whats important… their own inspiration. Designed with the creative in mind, NIM is a visual medium to assist in the production process. From the initial bid to final delivery, NIM is there to guide you every step of the way.



Built from the ground up as a collaborative tool, NIM facilitates communication at any distance. Whether you are across town, across the country or around the world, NIM brings studios together sharing concepts, ideas, and feedback in a single space.



Managing from the top down only gives you a birds eye view. NIM gets down and dirty working directly with your tools to manage project structures, naming conventions, and file publishing creating a turnkey pipeline based on your specifications.