Development (DEV)

The development section of a job, labeled as DEV, is a space for creating entities global to the job, otherwise known as assets. This is the parent location for all assets of the job.

The development menu provides direct access to all job assets, asset based review items, and the asset task timeline.

Assets Menu

Use the Assets menu option to view all assets associated with the job. From this location, users can create assets, assign asset based tasks, create asset and task based notes, view and export asset and task based grids, log asset based elements and files, and more. For more information on assets, please refer to the Asset Overview section of the documentation.


Review Menu

The Review menu option contains all review items uploaded to any asset or asset based task. For further information about the review tools please refer to the Review section of the documentation.


Tasks Menu

The Tasks menu option provides access to the asset task timeline. The task timeline displays all tasks for assets within the job, in a gantt style format. For more information, please refer to the Task Timeline section of the documentation.