The Adobe® Premiere® connector provides integration with NIM from within Premiere to manage project versions, create published shots in NIM, add exported elements to NIM shots, export clips to NIM review items, and roundtrip NIM elements back to bins in the Premiere project.


For an in depth look at the NIM Premiere Connector functionality, check out the video here:

NIM Premiere Connector from NIM Labs on Vimeo.

Additional NIM videos can be found here:


The following procedures describes how to install the NIM Premiere connector. The connector is available as an extension in the Premiere > Window > Extensions menu option. The Premiere connector has been tested with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC 12.1.2(Build 69).

There are two options to installing the Premiere connector.

  • Automatically managed using

  • Manual Installation

Automatic Installation

To install the connector automatically using the Adobe® Exchange, click on the following link:

NIM Premiere Connector - Automatic Installation

Follow the directions on the page to install the extension.

Manual Installation

If you are unable to install the connector via the Creative Cloud App, please follow the Adobe® instructions at the following link for steps on manually installing the connector.

NIM Premiere Connector - Manual Installation

The above steps will walk you through downloading and installing the connector via an Adobe compatible Extension Install Utility.

Log In

The Premiere connector requires that users login when the extension panel is opened.

Use your NIM username and password to login to the connector.



This panel can be docked similar to panels in the Premiere UI.