Export Settings

Under the Export tab, users can export a bid to PDF, Excel, or an ABID template.


PDF Export

By clicking the Export to PDF button, users can output the current bid to a PDF document.


Using the options in the PDF Settings panel, users can customize how the bids are structured and the information included. The default settings include all of the bid information. By marking/unmarking the appropriate checkboxes, items such as markup, discount, quantity, units, etc. can be displayed/hidden on the exported PDF.


The format of the PDF can be selected from the Format dropdown. Two default formats are provided, however users can create additional custom bid PDF export templates. For more information on creating custom templates, please refer to the Bid PDF Export Templates section of the documentation.

The default bid PDF is comprised of 7 sections:
  • Bid Details

  • Comments

  • Overview

  • Statement of Work

  • Estimate

  • Assumptions

  • Terms

The majority of the sections are created directly from what you see in NIM. The bid Overview is unique in this regard as it is only visible in the exported PDF. The Overview is derived from the estimate and displays a list of subtotals for all grouped items as well as the grand total for the project.

Available Options:

  • General Settings

    • Format - Sets the default bid PDF format to use during export. If a custom bid PDF template has been created, they will appear as an option in this dropdown.

    • Grouping - Determines the default grouping option for bids. Options are:

      • Category - Bid Items will be grouped by their associated category

      • Number - Bid Items will be grouped by the Bid Item Number field on the line item

      • None - No grouping will be applied to bid line items

    The following options determine if a section appears on a bid PDF export and where it will be positioned:

    • Show Comment

    • Show Overview

    • Start overview on a new page

    • Show statement of work

    • Start statement of work on a new page

    • Show estimate

    • Start estimate on a new page

    • Show general assumptions

    • Start general assumptions on a new page

    • Show terms and conditions

    • Start terms and conditions on a new page

  • Estimate Settings

    The following options determine what line item and group fields for the estimate appear on a bid PDF export:

    • Show item number

    • Show quantity

    • Show units

    • Mark third party costs

    • Show original rate

    • Show markup

    • Show discount

    • Show adjusted rate

    • Show cost

    • Show group cost


As an example of customization options, you can turn off markup and discounts, showing only the quantity, units, rate, and the adjusted rate. Additionally you can turn off the original rate and only show the adjusted rate as the final rate. Furthermore, you can turn off quantity and only show total cost.

Bids can be exported directly to PDF from anywhere inside a bid by clicking on the PDF button at the top right of bid dashboard toolbar.


In addition to the column data, there are indicators on the exported estimate for items that are marked as “third party costs” as well as items that are “not included in the overall discount”.

Example Estimate


Excel Export

A bid version can be exported as an Excel document.

To export a bid to Excel, click the Export to Excel button from the Export tab or click the Excel button at the top right of the bid dashboard toolbar.


The exported Excel document contains multiple sheets including:

  • Overview - The overview contains the bid details, comments, statement, assumptions, and terms.

  • Totals - The subtotals for the bid including:

    • Internal Costs

    • 3rd Party Costs

    • Total Cost

    • Overall Markup

    • Overall Discount

    • Tax

    • Grand Total

  • Items - The full list of bid line items

ABID Export

ABID export provides support for exporting NIM bids to ABID, the AICP Bid Management Platform. To find out more about ABID please visit https://aicp.bid.

To export a NIM bid to an ABID uploadable format, click the Export to ABID button from the Export tab



An ABID template must be configured prior to export for ABID.

For more information on configuring an ABID export template, please refer to the ABID section of the NIM Administration documentation.