Connector Overview

NIM Connectors integrate 3rd party applications directly with NIM to track working versions and published files. NIM Connectors allow artists to use production workflows to browse and save files. When integrated with NIM project structures, NIM Connectors handle file naming conventions across applications as well as file placement in your directory structure. Utilizing NIMs integration with Thinkbox Software® Deadline® for renderfarm management, NIM manages locations for renders and comps and facilitates the automatic uploading of dailies.

Integrated Applications

NIM comes with connectors for major DCC applications and renderfarm integration. The integrated browsers in 3rd party DCC applications support many file management features including basic functionality such as open, import, save, and save as operations. These features extend to advanced options including referencing depending upon the application. Specific to NIM Connectors, the browsers support automatic version control, pre-determined naming conventions, and loading of published files. Renderfarm support enables automatic logging of renders, dailies generation and uploading to NIM.


The existing connectors can be modified to fit your pipeline needs, or custom connectors can be built using the NIM API.


  • Autodesk® Maya®

  • Autodesk® 3ds Max®

  • Autodesk® Flame®

  • SideFX Houdini

  • Maxon® C4D™

  • The Foundry’s NukeStudio®

  • The Foundry’s Nuke®

  • The Foundry’s Hiero®

  • Adobe® AfterEffects®

  • Adobe® Photoshop®

  • Adobe® Premiere®

Render Management

  • Thinkbox Software® Deadline®

External Review

  • Cospective CineSync®