Media Storage

The default size of the NIM VM is 16G. This should be ample size to get any studio up and running.

However, there are two considerations for the size of the NIM VM.
  • Uploaded Media

  • The NIM Database


NIM stores uploaded media in the /n/media folder by default.

These items include:
  • User icons

  • Job, Asset, & Shot thumbnails

  • Dailies

  • Custom PDF headers


It is strongly recommended to set the NIM Media Path to an external location to limit the footprint of the NIM VM.

Set NIM Media Path

Once you have mounted an external folder, use the nim-media-path script from the NIM VM console to move any existing media and set the new location.

From the /home/nim directory, the command to set the NIM media path is:

sudo ./nim-media-path /path/to/new_media_folder

where /path/to/new_media_folder is the location you wish to store the NIM media.

For example, if you have mounted a directory named PRJ using VirtualBox Shared Folders and you want to save NIM media to a folder named nim_media within the PRJ location, login to the NIM VM console and from the command line type:

sudo ./nim-media-path /media/sf_PRJ/nim_media


The NIM database will expand with the amount of information that it contains.

The information contained directly in the database is very small and will require a minimal footprint.

Naturally over time the database will grow, and depending on your facilities needs, may get large enough to require a larger VM disk size.

If this is the case you will want to explore expanding the NIM VM disk size.