NIM updates are delivered as .tar files that can be downloaded from the NIM Client Portal.

  • NIM updates include all previous updates so you only need the latest update file to be current.

Update Video

We have created a video called “NIM Updates” that walks through the update process:

NIM Updates from NIM Labs on Vimeo.

Additional NIM videos can be found here: https://nim-labs.com/videos

Updating NIM

The first step to updating NIM is to download the latest update from the NIM Client Portal.

This file will be named the NIM_Update_vX-X-X-XXXX.tar where vX-X-X-XXXX is the version of the update.

The NIM_Update_vX-X-X-XXXX.tar file needs to be accessible from the NIM VM.

To do this you can upload the update file to the NIM VM using SFTP or a shared folder location.

If using SFTP, login to the NIM VM with the VM IP address, username, and password.

Copy the update file to the NIM VM and exit your SFTP program.

Login to the NIM VM console.

Navigate to the folder containing NIM_Update_vX_X_X_XXXXXX.tar

Type the following command to unpack the update (replacing the file name with the actual name of the update):

tar -xvf NIM_Update_vX-X-X-XXXX.tar

This will create a folder named NIM_X-X-X-XXXX containing a directory and a script file:


Navigate into the NIM_X_X_X_XXXXXX folder and execute the nim-update-local script by typing:

sudo ./nim-update-local

IMPORTANT: This command needs to be run with sudo.

The script will check the amount of available space on your VM before performing the update. If there isn’t enough space to perform the update, it will tell you how much space you need to free up.

Next, the script will tell you how much space your apache log files are taking up and give you the option to clear them out.

Finally, before the update runs, you will have the option to back up your NIM database. If you choose to do so, the backup will overwrite any previous backups performed by this update script. Any exising backups can be found at: /home/nim/database-backups

After the backup step, the script will provide output as it performs various updates. When complete, you will see NIM successfully updated to version X.X.X.XXXXXX!.

Log into NIM and go to the Main Menu / Help / Licensing section.

The version information located in will be updated to reflect the current version.

VM Updates

The NIM VM is distributed as an Ubuntu VM and in most cases can be administered directly as needed. However you should not manually update packages on the VM as this can conflict with NIM’s operation.


Do not manually update packages on the NIM VM. All required packages will be updated with subsequent NIM Updates. Manually updating the VM packages can potentially break NIM.

VM Security Updates

The NIM updates typically handle all core applications updates required to keep NIM up to date. However OS security updates are continually made available by the Ubuntu community. If your NIM VM is online you can run the security updates with the following command at the VM command line:

sudo unattended-upgrade

This can take a minute to run and may require a reboot after completion.